Our Services

Feasibility Studies and Design

  Preparation of feasibility studies and marketing plans required for setting up and managing the activities of scientific and engineering laboratories and ensure the economic viability and support of investment decision based on correct information. The research team has the necessary resources for the preparation of technical, marketing and financial studies based on a clear vision of the scope of work and the need of the market including the following:   ·       Feasibility study to confirm the investment decision ·       Laboratory study design in terms of size, location and the internal distribution ·       Design of the scope of work in […]

Supply & installations

  Labs-experts provides a complete lab setup and has the capability to deal with large scale laboratory.Based on customer needs, our engineers can identify and confirm all laboratory equipments with different functions in different fields. They focus on the customers’ requirements, collect information and make multiple proposals. In this way, our customer can get high quality lab solution in a short time.  Labs-Experts is linked with several world’s suppliers of laboratories equipments and with our dedicated qualified teams, we are able to carry out complete solutions for design and setting up engineering and industrial laboratories in addition to supply and […]

Educational Tools

Labs-Experts has the competency and experience to design and supply all academicmaterialsandteaching aidsfor alllevels schooldisciplinesincluding smartand advanced technologiessolutions ineducation (learning resource centersandearly teaching) in a complete package solution including furnitureand related infrastructure. We are also specialized in building a complete “learning resourcecenters” that includesa range ofeducationaldevicesfor individual useand theotherfor communal use, and apparatus forthe schools operations and administrative of the work,andthese devicesareas follows: ·       English Language teaching aids ·       Physics sciences teaching laboratories  ·       Biology sciences teaching laboratories  ·       Chemistry sciences teaching laboratories  ·       Early education teaching aids ·       Special needs handicapped education aids ·       Projectors and data show solutions […]


Saudi company established in Riyadh and have a dedicated team with professional experience in laboratories implementation according to local and international standards. We provide practical solutions for fully integrated laboratories starting with feasibility studies,  and ending with  the erection and commissioning of the lab.   Our service includes detailed studies, lab layout design, equipment selection and procurement, manpower selection and  job description. The services also extend to after-establishment that covers training, maintenance, marketing and supply of consumables. 

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