The Petrolume Lab

The testing services include all petroleum products such as oil entire crude oil and refined products and fuels, including gasoline, diesel and fuel oil, petroleum products. The lab is qualified by ISO 17025/2005 system certificate to play its role in the service, and marketing field.

The specifications contain two sets of requirements, administrative and technical. The administrative requirements related to quality “management system”. The technical analysis relates to the competency of manpower and Methods of tests and devices used including quality control analysis and reporting.

The laboratory will examine the following analysis of petroleum products:
• motor oils.
• Automatic transport oils.
• hydraulic oils.
• gear oils.
• Industrial oils.
• gasoline,
• brake oils.
• cooling water.

The most important tests:

• estimate the viscosity at 40 degrees m 0.100 m.
• Determination of flash point.
• set the spill point.
• estimate the properties of the foam.
• estimate the figure tie.
• set point fall.
• set the degree of penetration.