Textile Lab


Food lab analyzes the residues of micro-toxins in food, and residues of numerous fruit and vegetable pesticides, and antioxidants in oils and fats. The lab conducts the performance efficiency test in eight analytical methods based on the certificate of international accreditation «ISO 17025/2005»,

The laboratory examination of food and beverage according to the following classification:
Processed meats and whole and roasted coffee and biscuits and confectionary productsCanned food and dairy products and soft drinks datesVegetable oils intended for food, and dry beans and soft drinks from fruits, citrus and potato chips and corn chips products

Testing Areas

1) Physical Analysis:

• PH
• Moisture
• refractive index
• Freezing
• Boiling point
• Particle size
• Viscosity
• Specific gravity
2) chemical and bacteriological Analysis :

• Heavy elements
• Titanium dioxide
• Free fatty acids
• Folic acid
• College phosphate
• Fatty acids in the oil
• Fat soluble vitamins
• Acids in food
• Microbiological examination