Toys Lab

The Toys laboratory provides a world-class service in the examination of the safety of children’s toys, which include standards-based local, regional and international (SASO and GSO EN 71 and EN 71 and ASTM

The laboratory helps its clients to make sure the toys on the market complies with the required safety standards. The laboratory checks the safety of toys aiming as much as possible to reduce the risks that do not appear especially for users, which affect children or persons responsible for them.

The toys laboratoryexamines all types and sizes and the various toys as per the following classification:


  • ·       Large mechanical games
  • ·            Games brides and Dolls
  • ·            Construction and profile games.
  • ·            Races, movement and activity games.
  • ·            Representation and RPG.
  • ·            Balls games.
  • ·            Modern games (PC)
  • ·            Water sports.
  • ·            Imagination and senses training, construction and puzzles