Educational Tools

Labs-Experts has the competency and experience to design and supply all academicmaterialsandteaching aidsfor alllevels schooldisciplinesincluding smartand advanced technologiessolutions ineducation (learning resource centersandearly teaching) in a complete package solution including furnitureand related infrastructure.

We are also specialized in building a complete “learning resourcecenters” that includesa range ofeducationaldevicesfor individual useand theotherfor communal use, and apparatus forthe schools operations and administrative of the work,andthese devicesareas follows:

  • ·       English Language teaching aids
  • ·       Physics sciences teaching laboratories 
  • ·       Biology sciences teaching laboratories 
  • ·       Chemistry sciences teaching laboratories 
  • ·       Early education teaching aids
  • ·       Special needs handicapped education aids
  • ·       Projectors and data show solutions
  • ·       interactive smart imaging and archiving documents
  • ·       Interactive smart boards
  • ·       Interactive TV screens