Supply & installations


Labs-experts provides a complete lab setup and has the capability to deal with large scale laboratory.Based on customer needs, our engineers can identify and confirm all laboratory equipments with different functions in different fields. They focus on the customers’ requirements, collect information and make multiple proposals. In this way, our customer can get high quality lab solution in a short time.

 Labs-Experts is linked with several world’s suppliers of laboratories equipments and with our dedicated qualified teams, we are able to carry out complete solutions for design and setting up engineering and industrial laboratories in addition to supply and installation of specialized lab equipments (testing, inspection and calibration) counting all elector-mechanical works necessary for the successful operation of such laboratories in various industrial and service sectors as follows:


  •        Medical Lab
  • ·        Food Testing Lab
  • ·        Educational Systems Lab
  • ·        Oil & Petroleum Testing Lab
  • ·        Microbiology Lab
  • ·        Vehicles Spare parts testing Lab
  • ·        General Materials Lab
  • ·        Chemical Testing Lab
  • ·        Agricultural Engineering Lab
  • ·        Paper & Packaging Testing Lab
  • ·        NDT Lab
  • ·        Calibration & verification Lab
  • ·        Building Material Test Lab
  • ·        Mechanical Testing Lab
  • ·        Geo technical lab
  • ·        Wood Testing Lab
  • ·        Environmental Testing Lab
  • ·        Electrical Equipments Testing Lab
  • ·        Metal Testing Lab
  • ·        Toys Safety Testing Lab
  • ·        Polymer Testing Lab
  • ·        Used Cars Inspection Lab
  • ·        Textile / Cloths Testing Labs
  • ·        Electrical Efficiency Labs


  We also provide all consumables and disposable lab supplies like sampling bags, lab staining supplies, swabs and wipes, the electrochemical,and culture tubes and high-quality lab chemicals, supplies and instruments to help you get your job done accurately and safely.