Electrical Lab


The lab Examines and determines the safety of electrical and electronic products according to the standards of the Saudi Organization for Standardization and Metrology SASO and international standards (IEC & ISO). The laboratory focus on testing up safety and efficiency to protect consumers from the dangers of defects in electronic products.

The lab performs many types of safety tests to comply on standard requirements as mentioned below:

·       Visual

·       Checking the mechanical stability

·       Durability and survival and duration

·       Ray examination and the corresponding risk


The laboratory tests conducted in accordance with the specifications for electrical and electronic goods testing methods which are as follows:

Virtual screening – current measurement and voltage electrical power – test the insulation resistance test – high voltage – leakage current test – a test to prevent electrical shock – the continuity of conductivity test grounded – test moisture resistance – measuring distances creep and clearance – measuring the resistivity Wire & Cable – Measuring snow work capacity for refrigerators – measuring the lifespan of electric lamps dry batteries  and checking radiation from microwave ovens with (microwave).